Welcome Back


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How fun is the March Novelty handbag!! 

2018 has been flying, and I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog because of the big transition from college to real life is something I wanted my full attention on. Currently, I am working at Kate Spade in Waterside Shops, and loving it! I wanted to do my first 2018 post on something that is important to me, and I think you will enjoy it too.

Decked out in Kate Spade including our super fun Strawberry Picnic Perfect Bag

I team up with my friend, Anna Cheffy (@annacheffy on IG), who is an amazing person + photographer, and we did an awesome shoot full of Kate Spade goodies!

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Spring is so bright and colorful!

I have been thinking about restructuring and refocusing my blog on some different topics. Travel is a big passion of mine, but I think we have such a great opportunity to use this as a positive platform and I would like to focus on body positivity and some more authentic topics. I want to share my favorite places in this world, and the best restaurants, coffee shops, and things to do, but I also want to make the blog into something that will be a great way to let others find inspiration for themselves.

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Accessorize and have fun! 

We all have our struggles each day, and some have tougher situations than others. I believe positivity breeds better outcomes for the world. I want it to be a platform that others can radiate their positivity and in turn, who knows, maybe this will be helpful to you too.

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Dressing yourself for your body shape is so important – it creates confidence! I can say so firsthand!

I am really interested to hear what you think, and some topics that you would be interested in exploring. I find women particularly are very hard on ourselves, and we have a lot to think about each day. I also find working in a store like Kate Spade, where we see many women each day, it is nice to see other women rock their new dress or find something that they like and that makes them feel good. I like being sensitive to their feelings because I only want our guests to leave with a perfect purchase. If they don’t feel good in it, it won’t be a good reflection of what we are trying to accomplish.


I love fashion, and I find my clothing helps me because it’s a reflection of the way I am feeling. I like keeping up with the newest trends, yet I am a very classic person too. Versatility in fashion is something that is a priority to me, and I believe most women appreciate that too.

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Overall, I am happy to be back and starting up the blog again. I want to keep the posts interesting and I also enjoy promoting what I love! I hope for myself that I will find this journey to be helpful for what I am trying to accomplish, and I hope others can join in. Thank you so much for all of your support, and I hope 2018 will be a great year for all of us!

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