Euno Ristorante

For my Boston people who love Italian (who are we kidding – who doesn’t like Italian food?!), I recently discovered a fantastic restaurant in the North End. For those who are not in Boston, the North End is the Italian neighborhood in Boston, and there is such a nice authentic feel there. I studied in Florence, Italy, so any chance to reminisce – I am there!

I found Euno on OpenTable, and my friend, Lena, wanted to get Italian food! We had a lovely dinner and left very full!

Chef sent out these beautiful appetizers of Prosciutto wrapped artichoke hearts stuffed with goat’s cheese. The dish was topped with a beautifully tossed rucola salad in balsamic and some crispy noodles to decorate. We devoured this! The flavors blended so well, and there was a lovely taste of fennel in the salad to add an extra note.


For the main course, we had a beautiful lobster and shrimp ravioli in a saffron cream sauce with perfectly cooked vegetables. I opted for the creamy prosciutto pasta which was delicious but my only criticism was that it needed something green. Either spinach or peas, or just something to give it a bit of color. Regardless, the mains were fabulous and service was nice.

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