I love sharing my favorite travels, restaurants, coffee shops, fashion tips and brands with my friends and family! This was the main reason for starting my blog, and I think it’s a great platform to share my advice with all of you!

So much fun shooting with Allie in Boston Common! Check her out on Instagram @allie_dee_

Some fun facts about me: 

  1. I was born in Hong Kong, and have lived in 3 continents!
  2. I have traveled to over 20 countries and counting – my list of places to visit is still long! 
  3. I speak two languages! English & Spanish
  4. My 5 Favorite Cities are: Toronto, London, Boston, Madrid, and Florence.
  5. My 3 Favorite Designers/Brands are: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen.
  6. I love R&B, and check out my Music page for my updates on what I’m listening to! 
  7. My favorite meal is gourmet Mac&Cheese (so basically the kind with breadcrumbs on top haha)! Also can’t forget the Chicken & Waffles (my guilty pleasure!) 
  8. I love collaborating with creative and fun people! All about making the magic happen!


Check out my friend, Adarsh, at adarshravi.com

I am excited to embark on this blogging journey to document all of the fun places I like to go to, and some amazing restaurants, stores, and more to tell you all about! I think you will learn a lot about me as the blog comes together! Can’t wait!