October 2017:

I think lifestyle is a really broad term, but I know it encompasses a lot of aspects of our lives. I know my lifestyle is constantly changing, particularly now with a huge shift of college to the real world. I like to live in the fast lane, but I also know when I need to take time to enjoy and self-reflect.

Travel is essential for me. I certainly am infected by the travel bug, and it is for life. I am always searching up new places to go, and where I need to be. That was one of the big inspirations of starting this blog because I love sharing my experiences with everyone I love.

Adventuring through the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Currently, my lifestyle is going through a big change because of focusing on starting my career after university. It is a nerve wrecking time because of the unknown. I have some ideas of what I want to do, but until it comes to fruition there is a lot to think about.

I know I want to be in a big city because I believe the opportunity is there. I am also really excited to see what will be in store for me, and some great things coming.