Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto is definitely in my top 3 favorite cities in the world! I have met some of the most amazing people in my life there, and the vibe of the city is fantastic!

The detailed posts will follow, but for a general list, here are some of my favorite spots in Toronto! (Disclaimer: I will always be adding to this list as the food scene in Toronto is just on FIRE!! Basically, make sure you check back because there is so much choice!)

The links to each of the restaurants are available if you click on the name! Most pictures are mine, but had to work in some substitutes!


Pai – located in downtown Toronto, this is a great spot for a casual and VERY FILLING Thai meal. Their Lemongrass Iced Tea is super yummy, and you cannot go wrong with any dish on the menu!


King Taps – this is one of Toronto’s newest (Summer 2017) spots! The patio is great, and the food is so delicious. I love all of the pizzas and apps!


Lee – One of Susur Lee’s restaurants, and definitely doesn’t disappoint! Their Singaporean Slaw is out of this world, and the atmosphere is so fun!


Buca (King St. W) – I tried Buca for the first time this year (2017), and absolutely fell in love with it. The food, and the service are so on point. One of the best Italian meals in North America (This says a lot since I did study in Italy). The burrata pizza is a food dream for sure.


Alo – very special occasion, but worth it if you don’t mind spending the money. One must appreciate the form of food as an art, and the presentation. Gentlemen, the way to a woman’s heart can definitely be through Alo especially if she likes wine!


Scaramouche – The view from the restaurant is fabulous! You have a nice view of the CN Tower, and the beautiful Toronto skyline. The food is consistent, and very comforting. Always a good meal – basically an institution in Toronto.

Bymark – Absolute best Lobster Grilled Cheese and the Veal Schnitzel is fantastic (oh, and their olive bread is to die for). They are also known for their $40CAD burger! You need to go to Bymark for lunch at LEAST once while you are in Toronto. Mark McEwan really knows what he is doing, and this is one of the spots to check out.


One at the Hazelton – This is another recent discovery/so wish I knew earlier how amazing this place is. My mum and I decided to try it, despite the snobby factor of it, the food is WOW WOW WOW! I think it is hard to find a restaurant where you could literally order everything and it would taste good. People watching is also great as you are in the middle of Yorkville, and the indoor dining room is very cozy for cooler/winter evenings. A must do in Toronto! (Tip: The Lobster Spoons & Truffle Fries are a must do – don’t even question it) Pictured below is the Banana Split that we devoured….it was too good.


Trattoria Nervosa – I am not one for kale, particularly raw kale, but Nervosa knows how to make a killer kale salad. Not typical for an Italian place, but their pasta and pizza is also good! Cute patio in Yorkville, and always packed!!

The Chase – A 3 story restaurant of goodness! The rooftop is fab, but I do like the second floor the best. The menus are varied, and I like that you have a choice between the three floors. Each one has a distinct crowd/menu/vibe. This restaurant group always does a great job, my favorite is Colette from the Chase Hospitality Group, but the Chase doesn’t disappoint.

Byblos – I would recommend going to Byblos with friends or family (or basically anyone you feel comfortable sharing with!) The mediterranean cuisine calls for family style, and the menu has a nice selection. I love their apps, and my favorite cocktail is The Rose (Gulab). They also have a Miami location which is great for the snow birds!!

Thompson Diner – my favorite late night place since it is open 24 hours. Their truffle Mac & Cheese is the bomb, and their food is just always on point. It might have something to do with the fact that I have only been there past midnight, and almost anything tastes good after a fun night. All jokes aside, the food is super yummy and if you are looking to be naughty, it’s a fun spot to recover after a party!


7 West – Another 24 hour spot in Toronto, and if you haven’t been – what are you waiting for? Their bacon grilled cheese is great and funnily enough I get these weird cravings for their Caesar Salad (Totally weird, I know). Their red velvet cake is the best in the city. I have had lots of great memories there, and it is just south of Bloor & Yonge, so very accessible. Cute spot for friends, dates, and if you are me, I took my mum there at 1 AM and we had a blast.

Blowfish – I am a big sushi/Asian cuisine fan, and Blowfish just hits the spot for me. They now have one location on King West, and the food is fantastic. Chef knows how to prepare a sushi roll, and the variety is great.


Old School – Located on Dundas West, this is the PLACE FOR BRUNCH! Everyone that knows me, knows my love for Chicken & Waffles, and this is my ultimate place for that. No place compares, and their coffee selection is on point.

IMG_7659 2.JPG

Lisa Marie – On Queen West, Lisa Marie also boasts a fabulous brunch menu. I like their fusion of sweet and savory, and I think the “community” atmosphere makes it a fun place to hang out on a Sunday! (PS The Pad Thai fries are a necessary to order)



Lavelle – Food wise, not my favorite, but the place is beautiful. I went here with my mum for brunch and it was the most gorgeous summer day. We ate right next to the pool, and really enjoyed our time. I prefer Lavelle for brunch, rather than night time because of the crowd.


La Société – This is a great restaurant if you are in the Yorkville Area, and their Croque Madame is my favorite. It is so filling, yet super delicious. The patio is nice, and you are right in the high-end shopping district of Toronto. Very nice French influence!


Colette Grand Cafe – One of my favorite place in Toronto, not only for brunch, but I enjoy the lunch & dinner as well! The beautiful white and blue interior makes you feel transported to a chic restaurant in Paris. The pastry chef is incredible, so don’t leave without a dessert!



Shangri La Hotel – Lobby Bar – The best lounge in the city! The Rosé Sangria is AMAZING, and the atmosphere is great. A bit more upscale and pricier, but worth it. Next best thing if you don’t have a membership to the Soho Club next door. The crowd is really nice, and a sophisticated atmosphere. The fireplace is super romantic as well for anyone on a date! Good for the grown ups!


Patria – Now with Patria, you could easily do brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks. It is an all around good place to go! I love the Sangria pitchers there, and the tapas are great. I think as a bar scene, there is a lot going on and a must try when you are on King West!


Oretta – Oretta is similar to Patria, but the reason I am putting it in this section is because I have been twice, and truly had so much fun at the bar. Chris, the bartender, really made us laugh & have a great time. The food is nice, and I love the bakery/cafe in the back for breakfast! Beautiful decor and nice pizzas!


Kasamoto – Located in the heart of Yorkville, Kasamoto boasts a beautiful, modern, Japanese interior. I prefer sitting at the rooftop bar because I can order some of my favorite dishes there without feeling pressured to have a full on meal. I do prefer their apps to entrees, and the bar is spacious, so you don’t feel crowded in.

The One Eighty/Panorama – In the Manulife Building, I think this is a great spot to take people visiting Toronto. The view is lovely, and the drink selection is varied. Don’t eat there as I do believe the food quality has gone down, but I think it’s way less touristic than the CN tower (also bring a sweater/cardigan because even in the summer it can be chilly on the 51st floor!)img_2682

Bar Reyna– I discovered Bar Reyna during Summer 2016, and I am really into tapas/sharing, so this hit the spot. The owner is a very vibrant female entrepreneur, and this also attracted me to Bar Reyna. Not the typical upscale/snobby Yorkville bar, and the fries are super yummy!

I will be adding to the list as time goes on, and more amazing Toronto restaurants pop up!


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  1. janesnaples says:


    You should send this to Angela and Tom C as well as David E and Jane H, Kristen and Judy

    Best wishes Jane


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  2. Leslie Amador says:

    This is amazing, i just can’t believe you added a photo with the girls and not with me! 😦
    Anywas, i love almost all of them and now i need do try the others I’ve never been in. But i guess i’m going to wait for you.
    Also NOW i need to go to Boston.
    Miss you so much and i will be waiting for more.

    Best wishes and lots of love

    -Leslie Amador-

    PD: Adoro el blog, los colores, las opiniones y las fotos son hermosas. ¡Sigue así!


    1. Thank you, Les xxxx I appreciate it and don’t worry you will make an appearance on the blog especially when we do our trip to Mayakoba!!!!

      Love you xxxxx

      Te extraño muchísimo!!!


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