Naples is the gem of Florida, and some might even say of the US. It truly is a tropical paradise, and you might not want to leave if you visit.

A beautiful night on 3rd St. S

Growing up in Naples was great in the sense of safety, cleanliness, and just basically living where everyone wants to vacation. Of course there are some limitations, such as lack of night life etc..but that’s why Miami is so close.

If you are visiting Naples, or just want something new and you live there, I have some recommendations. I think it’s great to do the Naples Trolley Tour as a visitor so you can see everything that Naples has to offer.

A beautiful evening at the Naples Pier!

I also think it’s essential to visit the pier and watch the dolphins. We are so blessed that on a beautiful day it’s one of the most incredible things to watch the dolphins swim and they basically do a show for everyone! We are also blessed to be surrounded by a lot of nature in general. I would highly recommend taking a trip to the Botanical Gardens. I’m really looking forward to the winter in Naples because I have a great idea for a photoshoot in there. It’s so beautiful and they usually put on some really interesting exhibitions!

The most beautiful sunsets

I also think we have the best sunsets in the world in Naples, as well as fantastic beaches. I do enjoy a nice walk along the Naples beach, and I think it is a great way to self-reflect and take some time to de-stress.

Regarding nightlife, there isn’t too much happening in Naples, but things are changing slightly. I would recommend for you to go to Mercato and check out Cavo or if you are looking for some funny people watching – go to Blue Martini. I also enjoy going down 5th Avenue, and having a cocktail at Ocean Prime or grabbing a late night coffee at The Brick. If you are looking for a really FUN night, then it just makes sense to go across the coast and go to Miami.

Regarding restaurants and coffee shops, please check out my Naples Restaurants post which is continually updated for the best places to go (click here).

Naples Pier at Night

I hope you have an amazing time in Naples, and look forward to hearing about your adventures!


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