Restaurants in Boston

My list of go-to places in Boston! Would love your feedback on what you tried, and where your favorite spots are! XOXO Emma

Euno Ristorante

For my Boston people who love Italian (who are we kidding – who doesn’t like Italian food?!), I recently discovered a fantastic restaurant in the North End. For those who are not in Boston, the North End is the Italian neighborhood in Boston, and there is such a nice authentic feel there. I studied in…

Restaurants in Naples, FL

Naples is my home base, and I am beyond grateful that is the story. I wouldn’t ask for another place to grow up because it truly is paradise. I think Naples is a bubble, and in that case it is important to travel, and I am lucky that my mum has always encouraged that! Below…

Restaurants in Toronto

My favorite spots in Toronto! Let me know what you think about them, and if there is something I need to try!